Saturday, December 13, 2014

Make Money to Use by How to Make Money

Learn step by step how to make money by using own website's links short system.

 Free Registration: Classic
Click the “join” tab in the upper-right side. You will see a simple form with 3 fields that you need to fill - email address, confirm email and password. Accept terms&conditions and click the “register” button - that’s the orange one. And that’s it! Now check your inbox for an activation email and confirm your email address.

                      tutorial - classic registration 

Registration: Facebook connect

Click the “join” tab in the upper-right side. You will see a registration page. Click the “connect” button - that’s the blue one. A window will pop-up - use your Facebook data and click “log in”. And that’s it - now you can shorten links and earn money!


Account activation 

After registration you will receive an activation email with an activation link. We will send it to your email address used for registration. Open the email - and if you don’t see the graphics, simply enable them. Now all you have to do is to “click here” - that’s the orange button. Bum! Your account is activated and you’re already logged in! Shrink&Share